Kevin. 23.
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I'm a procrastinating, journal keeping, coffee drinking
free thinker that doesn't care about much besides friendships,
art & design, true love, long drives, hiking, camping, kayaking,
and leaving behind a damn good story.


I want a dog named Gotham and a cat named Baskerville.

a lil type fun while working on a new project
not a big fan of the J, but look at that sexy fucking L. holy shit.

Typographic Artwork
by Simon Ålander.
More typography inspiration.
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A Grotesk love affair
Typographic experiment - Favourite Sans Serif TypefacesA project by Ryan Atkinson and Stephan de Lange.
“Good designers like fonts. Great designers find them physically arousing.  With this thought in mind, we set out to dramatize designers everlasting love affair with Grotesk fonts, and democratically determine which one got designers’ juices flowing the most. We designed a poster inviting people to vote, with the promise that their name would appear on the final product, and posted it on various design blogs and social media sites. The web address on the poster directed users to a site ( with multiple examples of Grotesk fonts, and allowed them to vote for their favourite. This information was then translated into statistical data, and used as the basis for the design, where we used typographical grids to layout all the information.    The PDF’s are now available for download. enjoy!”
Check out the more here.
More typography inspiration.
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Oh, Gotham, how I love you (and all of your weights) so.. <3